Dr Rachna Pall DDS


Dr Rachna Pall received Doctorate of Dental Surgery Degree in California. With over 10 years of dental experience, Dr Pall have been working with Smileydoctor, providing dental care to our patients for over 9 years.

Dentistry is more than a profession for her. Making her patients happy, get them out of pain, or help them to smile with confidence, to provide dental care with compassion to arm patients with the knowledge so they can make the best decisions for their oral health has been her aim and will always be.
She emphasis on Prevention first and foremost.

Outside of dentistry Dr Pall has been happily married with 2 lovely energetic and smart boys.

Her hobbies include yoga, painting, gardening, reading.

She likes to keep herself updated with various seminars/ courses both onsite and offsite, including some out of state too if needed.