Dr. Amy Fanhua Meng


Dr. Amy Fanhua Meng graduated from Boston University, Goldman School of Dental Medicine with DMD in 2001. Since then She practiced in MA and NH for three years as a general dentist. In 2004, she moved to CA with her husband and daughter, practiced in the Sacramento area.
Dr. Meng spend a lot of time expending her knowledge in dentistry. She had taken many continue education to stay on top of the ever advancing dental medicine, so that she can better serve her patients. During the years, she went through extensive training in cosmetic, implant, wisdom teeth extraction, and many more. She believes in prevention is the best treatment. She always put patience’s’ over all medical conditions and patient’s life into consideration when making treatment plan.
Dr. Meng is caring and gentle, and fun. She enjoys her work so much, that she hums while she works.
In 2016, she took a temporary job in the Monterey bay area, and fall in love with the area. She bought a wood cabin on the peninsula and relocated here. With her daughter in college, she can start her “new life”. Her favorite website is Pinterist.com. She enjoys travel, DIY, home décor shabby chic style and all the fun stuff. She is also an artist by heart, she will explore more in painting and drawing.

Education and Past Teaching Positions

                            Trancas Dental Group (2014-present) | 935 Trancas St. 4E, Napa, CA                               

Village Dental Care(2013-2014) | 1710 E March Ln. Stockton, CA       

World Health Care(2009-2012) | Shanghai, China     

Lincoln Family Dental (Owner) (2005-2009) | Lincoln, CA

Health Drive (Mobile Dentistry) (2003-2004) | Newton, MA

Dr. R Davis and Associates(2001-2003) | Lawrence, MA  

Boston University, Goldman School of Dental Medicine. DMD (2001)