Free Cosmetic Consultation

Free Second Opinion– ‘If you need any second opinion, feel free to give us a call’

No Hidden charges.  We don’t give you teaser rates and then increase fees. Our  mission statement- “Keep on doing good quality work and people would appreciate”

Whitening : In office whitening options as low as 199.99

Nightguard : Around 180

Bleaching Tray : 90, whitening material 30

———— Following are few of the questions our new patients ask us ————

Many of our patients are surprised that how we can offer Best Service at most affordable prices. We do it through following:

1. Referral based practice – All of of our patients come by referral from our previous patients. We don’t advertise in Yellow pages or 1-800-Dentist like services which costs anywhere from $750 – $5000 per month,  rather we like to directly pass on the savings to our patients.

2. Digital Practice – Our state of the art practice is totally digital saving us Time, Paper and Mailing costs.

3. Satisfaction – We believe in quality work. Our philosophy is to restore old times when people used to do dentistry so that they can help other people have a good smile for life. Dentistry should not be made a business as unfortunately some people have nowadays.

We restrict the number of people we treat everyday and ensure that all people get the best treatment in the world

Following is a rhyme created by one of our patient, Sharing it below
You go to a dentist for getting a happy smile, Looking at the bills do you feel like crying                 
At Smiley Doctor you would always be smiling